Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY Pet Feeding Station

For as long as I have had pet I have had issues related to feeding them. What are my issues you ask? Dog bowls being too low to the ground, dog bowls moving all over the ground, finding empty dog bowls all over the house, not finding the dog bowl (my dogs like to carry them around and hide them), not having any convenient place to store the big ugly green bag of Costco dog food,  the ugly-ness of the big plastic food dispensers and of course the dogs getting into the cat's food. After years of going nuts, I finally solved my problem. I made a cute, functional pet feeding station that address all the issues listed above and probably a few more I forgot to mention.

I first got the idea here on pintrest, but as I am not looking to renovate my kitchen anytime soon I had to come up with a modified plan. I did some research on pintrest and found lots of ideas. See; Pin, Pin, Pin, Pin and Pin. After getting inspired online and scavenging around at thrift stores I concluded that and old dresser was going to be my best bet. I need something high enough so the dogs would not get the cat's food, something big enough to provide storage, and something inexpensive. Did I mention I am super cheep!














So this is how I did it....
  • Bought Dresser at warehouse sale; cost $15 bucks. 
  • Barrowed jig saw from grandpa; cost 1 hug.
  • Bought paint and plywood; cost about $20.
  • Had cute old man in the lumber department cut the plywood to size for me (measured twice!!!); cost  a thank you.
  • Gathered from garage, sander, drill, hammer, nails, measuring tape, paint brushes, spray paint and screwdriver; cost 5 min and a bump on the head.
  • Sanded the hell out of the dresser; cost 2 hours.
  • Removed two draws (saved for another project latter) and the support stuff in-between them; cost 5 min.
  • Used nails to reinforce parts that seem weak; cost 5 min.
  • Calculated size of circles for bowls to drop into drew them on then cut them out using the barrow Jigsaw;  cost 30 min or so. This was my favorite part. I think Grandpa is getting me a jigsaw for my birthday!!!
  • Removed the knobbies from the draws; cost 2 min.
  • Painted two coats on the plywood, reaming draws and dresser including the inside area where draws will not be put back; cost about 1.5 hours.
  • Sprayed the knobs copper then changed my mind and painted the sliver with spray paint; cost 7 min.
  • Put knobs back on, draws back in and placed the plywood on the supports above the bottom draw it fit tight so I did not feel the need to nail or glue it in; cost 10 min.
My total cost was about $35, 4 hours 34 min not including shopping time or wait time, 1 hug, 1 thank you and a bump on the head. I am tempted to jazz it up with some hand painting but I think I will resisted and keep it simple. I am however planning on staple gunning in some plastic sheeting stuff to line the draws for food storage. All in all I love it, my husband loves it and most important our pets love it.


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  2. Oh my gosh, this is awesome!! What a great idea. :)

  3. How did you calculate how big to cut the bowl openings? I LOVE this idea and hope to do something very similar!! Great, great, great idea!! -Cheryl V

    1. It's been a few year, I think I measured the diameter of the bowl just under the rim. I started by cutting the whole smaller then need and the made adjustments with the jigsaw and sander.

    2. Awesome! I just picked up a dresser off Craigslist and hope to work on it this week. We are getting a puppy in a few weeks and my OCD needs to have his stuff organized :) I LOVE this!! I hope mine turns out as nice!! Thanks for replying!!

  4. I am assuming the dog food is in one of the drawers...does it smell at all?

    1. we keep it in the draw under the bowls most of the time. It doesn't really smell. Lately we have been keeping it in an air tight container because on ants.

    2. we keep it in the draw under the bowls most of the time. It doesn't really smell. Lately we have been keeping it in an air tight container because on ants.

    3. we keep it in the draw under the bowls most of the time. It doesn't really smell. Lately we have been keeping it in an air tight container because on ants.

  5. Love this so much! I just bought drawers to make it today! What kind of support did you use when you put the plywood on the bottom drawer?

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